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NoSQL Manager for MongoDB Professional and Freeware versions comparison

Version Free Pro

Support of MongoDB versions

MongoDB versions from 3.6 to 7.0
MongoDB Atlas
Amazon DocumentDB
Percona Server for MongoDB
MongoDB on Azure Cosmos DB
MongoDB Enterprise
Certified on MongoDB Enterprise

Connection features

Connections to standalone hosts, replica sets and sharded clusters
Multiple host/database connections
Support of MONGODB-CR, SCRAM-SHA-1 and SCRAM-SHA-256 authentications
Connection to MongoDB through SSH tunnel
Ability to create separate SSH tunnel for each replica set member
Support of x.509 authentications
Support of LDAP and KERBEROS authentications
Connect using command line parameters

Management of MongoDB objects

Ability to create/drop databases
Managing collections and indices
Managing views
Managing WiredTiger collections and indices
Managing users, roles and external users
Managing replica sets
Managing GridFS
Managing functions

Embedded Shell

Support of all commands of the native mongo Shell
Code autocompletion feature
Ability to edit results of db.collection.find() commands
Ability to work with multiple scripts that are saved between sessions
Ability to execute the whole script, command under cursor or selected command
Favorite scripts
Export results to CSV, JSON, XML and XLSX files

Monitoring Tools

Server Status Viewer
HTTP Console
Operation Monitor
Performance Monitor
GUI interface for mongotop tool

Data Management

View, edit, filter and sort any collection’s data
Tree, Table and JSON data representation
Editing binary data
Editing arrays

Advanced Data Manipulations

Duplicate collections
Import tables from MySQL and SQL Server databases
Import data from CSV or JSON files
Export data to CSV, JSON, XML and XLSX files
Copy collections to another MongoDB server
GUI interface for mongodump tool
GUI interface for mongorestore tool

Other useful tools and features

SQL Editor
File Manager tool to work with GridFS
Active Windows list
Operations are executed in background and don’t block GUI
Schema Analyzer
MapReduce Editor
LINQ Query Tool


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