NoSQL Manager for Cassandra Features

Features Windows Linux macOS

Supported Cassandra versions

Apache Cassandra database versions from 2.1 to 4.0
DataStax Enterprise (DSE) versions from 4.0 to 6.8
DataStax Astra
Amazon Keyspaces for Apache Cassandra
ScyllaDB and ScyllaDB Cloud

Connection features

Multiple cluster and database connections
Connection to Cassandra through SSH tunnel
Support of SSL connections
Support of DataStax Astra Secure Connection Bundle authentication

Management of Cassandra objects

Ability to create/drop keyspaces
Managing tables and indices
Managing materialized views
Managing user-defined types
Managing user-defined functions
Managing aggregate functions
Managing users and roles

Intelligent CQL Editor

Support of all CQL 3.x commands
CQL code highlighting and autocompletion
Ability to work with multiple scripts that are saved between sessions
Ability to execute the whole script, command under cursor or selected command
Execute script from file
Favorite scripts
Export results to CSV, JSON, XML and MS Excel files

Data Management

View and edit table’s data with table and card views
Copy and Paste rows
Generate INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements for selected rows

Advanced Data Manipulations

Backup keyspaces with CQL Dump tool
Copy keyspaces between clusters
Duplicate tables
Import data from CSV, JSON and MS Excel files
Export data to CSV, JSON, XML and MS Excel files
Import tables from MySQL and SQL Server databases

Other useful tools and features

Active Windows list
Operations are executed in background and don’t block GUI


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