Silent Installation of NoSQL Manager for Cassandra

How to enable silent installation mode

By default, NoSQL Manager for Cassandra installer works in an interactive mode. But now silent mode is available also.
The silent mode is very helpful for corporate clients with a Site license who want to automatize software installation processes.

The install parameters required for silent installation:

/SILENT - runs the installer in silent mode (The progress window is displayed)
/VERYSILENT - very silent mode. No windows are displayed.
/DIR="x:\dirname" - overrides the default install directory.
/licensekey=<key> - apply license key.


Install the program silently and apply license key automatically.

cassandramanager_inst.exe /verysilent /licensekey=M0hMYTErWlVQM2ZjSWo1WG9TZ3dtR3o0NkdJZ...